Estella's Pantry™ is a retail brand that was created in 2009 for the purpose of sharing our family's unique, high quality dried fruits with discerning consumers who are looking for something special from their dried fruits purveyors. We are confident you will find that our fruits are unlike any others!
apple orchard
We begin our process by selecting ripe, flavorful fruits from our own fields and orchards in the Pacific Northwest as well as from growers located in the finest growing regions around the world. We infuse the fruits using all natural ingredients. Each fruit is handled in small batches and carefully dried using a unique method our family has developed and perfected over decades. Our process and commitment to high quality results in dried fruits that are unique, delicious, and have unforgettable mouth-watering appeal.

Our fruits are sulfite and preservative-free and make a wonderful addition to any well-stocked pantry so go ahead and stock up. You're going to love the simple pleasures to be shared with your friends and family when you add our unique dried fruits to your homemade dishes. Enjoy!